How it all began…

I’m 24 and a self-confessed gym-a-phobe. A netball lover at school but a sports day hater- anything that wasn’t in a team setting made me feel uneasy. I didn’t want people looking at me, and I didn’t want people laughing at me when I fell over (a regular occurrence.) It’s safe to say that falling over on the 1000m race in front of the whole school aged 11, scarred me for life.

Over the past few months I have been a member of my local gym. The entire premise of a gym makes me feel queasy; people rarely make eye contact, let alone talk to one another, yet you always get the feeling that you’re being watched (even though no one really cares!) For me, the gym was quite a lonely place despite it being busy, and one that I feared and tried to avoid with as many excuses as possible (Note to self: don’t say your dog is sick when you don’t have a dog…)

To put it simply, I was bored. Months had gone by where I had wandered around aimlessly with a pathetic cycle here and a lousy leg press there, whilst I wistfully glanced at the clock as though the school bell would ring out to symbolise ‘hometime.’

So it was time for a change! I knew what CrossFit was; I had seen videos on YouTube and documentaries on Netflix. I had been watching these programs on my TV from my shabby little sofa; CrossFit has always been admired from afar and I have always seen it as something from another world. I was amazed at the strength of the athletes and I idolised their courage; I wanted to pull myself up a rope, and I wanted to learn how to do double-unders and somehow maintain a poised look on my face. How did they do it all?

A new CrossFit box had opened up in my area and it appeared on my Facebook news-feed. Did I want to join? Surely a great time to join a CrossFit Gym is when there are lots of other newbies? So I told my boyfriend I wanted to sign up. Knowing what I am like, he took what I said and refused to let me back out. It was decided. We were going to join CrossFit. I felt dizzy with excitement yet sick to my stomach; would this be the best or worst decision that I had ever made?


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